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We would like to introduce the practitioner and patient to a new and unique form of Oriental healing, one that uses pure sound to harmonize the meridians and invigorate the body's energy. We call the technique Acutone.

Both powerful and effective, Acutone is a complete system of natural healing used alone or in concert with other Oriental therapies such as acupuncture, moxabustion, or Oriental bodywork. Its methodology is based on scrupulous research of the Chinese classics and extensive experience.

The primary instruments used in Acutone are tuning forks, and all the techniques are noninvasive. We chose tuning forks because they produce the purest tone of any natural instrument, and because they can be easily applied to the body, much like the non-penetrating teishins of modern Japan.

But Acutone is much more that other type of acupressure. The tuning fork transmits a pure tone that travels deeper though the body's tissues and much faster than the vibration of the acupuncture needle. Furthermore, the Acutone system is founded on the ancient principal that there are definite frequencies that affect each of the five phases as well as the twelve meridians.


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