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Dean Lloyd, L.Ac., HHP, NP, PD/MWA

A practitioner of Oriental and Holistic Medicine, is dedicated to the application and invention of noninvasive healing techniques. In practice for over 28 years using a number of therapies such as Acutone (frequency acupuncture), CranioSacral Therapy, Oriental Bodywork (Shiatsu, Tui Na), Cupping, Ion Pumping, Moxabustion, and Herbs (for pain, detoxification, digestion etc.; nutritional support).

Dean feels that most people are misguided about the methods of treatment that are the so-called "Big Gun" approaches to medicine. In other words why use the hammer to swat a fly, you end up breaking everything in the house. To treat a sore shoulder for example, a patient may have taken painkillers, but this also cuts off some of the communication important for the healing to occur. Dean would use pain relievers and a treatment regimen using one or more of the modalities mentioned.

The way of future medicine is vibrational where the best of healing takes place, and the tendencies will be to move away from the super high-tech machines. There is a growing demand for personal and intelligent treatment so sorely needed at this time. Those who are already "healthy" may wish to see how good they can feel and see Dean to focus on finer points of health.

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